Four Common Mistakes You Make when Cleaning Your Office

The appearance of your offices speaks volume about your business. As much as it is not the overall determinant of the quality of goods and services you offer, the fact is that a good number of customers will derive their first perception about a business based on the appearance of the offices. One way of making your business appear professional is through proper office cleaning. Sadly, some people lose the beauty of their offices to poor cleaning techniques. According to Sydney office cleaning experts, knowing the common office cleaning mistakes can help you protect your office from damages that result from poor cleaning. Below are some of the mistakes.

Scrubbing your office carpet to remove spills

It is common for you to scrub your office carpet every time juice box or red wine topples over. Scrubbing your carpet untwists its fibers leading to permanent distortion of the pile. Instead of scrubbing, start by scooping the liquid with a spoon. Then use a white paper towel or a clean cloth to blot the area until it is completely dry. Alternatively, you can place a heavy object on the towel you use to absorb the spill, until all the moisture is absorbed. Then use a stain remover that does not fade the color of your carpet to completely remove the remaining spills.

Cleaning window during sunny weather

You may think that cleaning your office windows on a sunny day will make them gleam. However, sun heat dries the cleaning solution very quickly leaving awful streaks on the windows glass. Instead, clean your windows when the sun goes down or on a cloudy day. Apply the cleaning solution with agents to help get rid of dirt and allow the product to remain for about two minutes. Then using a white- backed sponge, clean the window gently.

Using lemon juice or vinegar to clean nearly all things because you believe it’s mild

The emphasis on benefits of using natural products may make you use these products to clean everything in your office. However, vinegar and lemon juice contain acids that can corrode natural surfaces like travertine, limestone and marble.  They alter the appearance of stones that is very costly to refinish. If you are to use vinegar, pour one tablespoon vinegar in half a gallon of water and use it to remove water scale and soap scum from surfaces like showerheads, ceramic tiles, and fiberglass.  For natural stones use mild cleaning products made specifically for them.

Thinking that every cleaning solution is a disinfectant

According to Sydney office cleaning experts, cleaning solutions are different, thus the need to have some time to read labels. Certain areas of your office such as kitchen sink, toilets, and door handles need you to use strong disinfectants to eliminate germs. Before using any solution, read and understand the label and follow all the directions.  Many disinfectants require remaining on the surface for some time before cleaning.  If you wipe them immediately, you will not have disinfected the surfaces.

The above are some of the mistakes you are likely to make when you clean offices yourself. As much as DIY may seem cheap, it is better to give your office cleaning a professional touch.  Sydney office cleaning service providers offer high quality services, and they are simply a call away.

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